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Our products range from CNC machine tools such as lathes, machining centers, boring and milling machines, laser cutting machines, waterjet cutting machines, profiles machining centers and plasma cutting machines to conventional machine tools such as lathe and drilling machine, and construction machinery such as versatile reinforcing machinery and more. All of these machines manufacturers had established themselves and earned customer's trusts in the world. Their customer groups cover SME and multinational companies.

Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd (SMTCL) is one of the largest machine tools makers in the world. Over one million of machines had been installed around the world by SMTCL. Their products can be found in almost every country and every industry including Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Energy, Construction, and Consumer Goods.

machine tools of vertical machining centers

You Ji Machine Industrial Company Limited established in 1978. They obtained world level reputations through over 40 years persistent pursuits. You Ji is the largest vertical lathes and floor type boring & milling machines in Taiwan. Their quality machines are also popular among the developed countries in America and Europe.

machine tools of lathes

Roundtop Machinery Industries Co., Ltd founded in 1979 and became a listed company in 2002. They are better known as "Johnford". Roundtop became one of the the leading machine tool manufacturers around the world through continuous innovations on new products and adoptions of new technologies. Their super turning centers, super vertical machining centers and customized double column machining centers especially slide double column machining centers are well welcomed in many countries including America and France.

machine tools of horizontal machining centers

PRATIC CNC Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer from China that specializes in CNC machining center and automatic machinery. Their innovative profiles machining centers offer perfect solutions for architectural and industrial profiles machining. Practic integrated the multiple tasks such as milling, drilling, tapping, routing and chamfering into one machine. Their machines are swirling the world with exclusive designs.

machine tools of profiles machining centers

Penta-Chutian Laser (Wuhan) Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of El.En Group Italy; and devoted in designing and manufacturing high power laser cutting systems. Penta-Chutian has core technologies in both manufacturing advanced high power laser source and CNC machinery integration with high compatibility. All design, development, production and quality control strictly follow European standards, as final integration is done in China under the quality testing by Italian engineers.

machine tools of laser cutting machines

Dardi International Corporation is one of the largest waterjet cutting machine manufacturers in the world. They owned over 40 patents related waterjet cutting technologies. The near shape cold cutting technology and products started to impact the ways of production from the birth of world's first water jet cutting machine. Dardi not only takes a leading position in China but also has global influence. Their quality waterjet cutting machines have been selling well in almost every main market. Flow International Corporation, waterjet cutter giant, became one of their shareholders in 2008.

machine tools of waterjet cutting machines

TJK Machinery is China's largest and the most professional manufacturer for reinforcement steel processing machines. They became a listed company in 2015. Their machines have been sold well in more than 90 countries. TJK offers a broad range of machines such as automatic Rebar Stirrup Benders, Rebar Shear Lines, Cutters, Benders, Cutting and Bending Centers, Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines, Cage Making Machines, Mesh Welding Machines, Cold Rolling Machines and more.

machine tools of automatic stirrup benders

K-TIG is a public company headquartered in Adelaide. Their creative K-TIG technology founded their exclusive role in welding industry. AISSS work as one of the referring agents of K-TIG to assist their welding system K-TIG 1000 sale in China.

K-TIG 1000

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