Automatic Stirrup Bender - Coil (3D)

Production capacity  Single wire Φ5 – 13 [mm]
Double wire Φ5 – 10 [mm] (2D)
Max. bending angle ±180° [double direction] (2D)
Max. bending speed 0 - 180° (3D)
1200 [°/sec] (2D)
Max. pulling speed 300 [°/sec] (3D)
110 [m/min]
Central bending mandrel diameter Φ20 – Φ30 [mm]
Max. length of the stirrup side (diagonal) 1,500 [mm] (2D)
Min. length of the stirrup side 120 [mm] (2D)
Length tolerance ± 1 [mm]
Bending tolerance ± 1°
Average air-compressed consumption 6 [l/min]
Average electric power consumption 6 [Kw/h]

TJK Machinery 3D Automatic Stirrup Bender for Coil is designed to meet your needs for three dimensional stirrups with coil straightening function.