Automatic Stirrup Bender - Coil & Straight Bar

TJK Machinery Automatic Stirrup Bender for Coil and Bar is specially designed for stirrups fabrication request with feeding with either coil or bar.

Production Capacity Single wire coil Φ5 – Φ12 [mm]
Double wire coil Φ5 – Φ10 [mm]
Straight bar  Φ8 – Φ16 [mm]
Max. bending angle ±180° [double direction]
Max. bending speed 1200 [°/sec]
Max. pulling speed 110 [m/min]
Central Mandrel diameter Φ12,Φ28,Φ40, Φ70 [mm]
Length tolerance ± 1 [mm]
Bending tolerance ± 1°
Labeled electric power 28 [KW]
Voltage 380 [V] – 50 [Hz]
Machine body weight 2,500 [Kg]
Machine body size 4100*1000*2250 [mm] (L*W*H)