Dardi Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machines

Dardi ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machines include fly arm type or bridge type cutting table, standard 2D 3 axis or specially designed 3D 5 axis cutting head, and intensifier pump and direct drive pump. Robotic waterjet cutting machines and waterjet machining centers are also available.

DARDI Flying Arm Cutting Machines


DARDI Bridge Waterjet Cutting Machines


Dardi UHP Pumps

C40T Pump
C40T Pump
Model CT40T
Max Pressure 380Mpa (550,000psi)
Max Flow Rate 3.1L/min
System Power 30kw/40hp
Power 415VAC,50Hz,3 Phase
Note: imported major parts such as HP Cylinder, Plunger, HP seal kits

DARDI Waterjet Options

DAADS-C Abrasive Delivery System
DAADS-C Abrasive Delivery System