700 Hours Continuous Operation, Prompt Service, Always Ready

  • Processing efficiency is 2x that of a traditional carving and milling machine
  • Surface accuracy can reach 0.2-0.3Ra
  • More than 96 out of 100 products are qualified
  • Professional design, small footprint, easy maintenance

High Precision Direct-connect Spindle

Going from 0 to 18,000rpm in 1.2s, this low vibration, low noise, low temperature spindle will extend the life of your cutting tools. The work-piece is clamp one-time for multi-surface machining (5-axis, 4 linkage).

Turret-type Servo Tool Magazine

This efficient and reliable tool changer uses dual supporting roller mechanisms for un/clamping. Standard capacity is 14 tools and can be expanded to 21. A disc-type tool magazine with 0.9s change time is available as well.

Other Structural Upgrades

Standard fast transverse of 48m/min, 60m/min max
1G Max Acceleration
Independent Telescopic Cover
Z-axis Motor Max Power 3.3kw