Lathes for sale

Lathes for sale supplied by AISSS include CNC lathes and conventional lathes from SMTCL, You Ji and Johnford and more. They are either made in China or made in Taiwan. That means our lathes naturally have unbeatable performance cost ratio. They are ideal choices for the SMEs.

lathes for sale

Our CNC lathes for sale cover horizontal lathes and vertical lathes. Horizontal lathes include both flat bed lathes and slat bed lathes. Each serialization lathes is particularly designed for optimum performance on specified applications. Their practical standard accessories usually can meet the most requirements of your turning. Their broad range of optional accessories such as ATC (automatic tool changer) and APT (automatic pallet changer) also can satisfy your special requirements. Either horizontal lathes or vertical lathes can be configured into turning centers though the integration of C axis or Y axis or both for milling, tapping and drilling processes.

CNC lathes for sale

Flat bed lathes for sale

CAK series and YB series are flat bed CNC lathes. CAK series cover swing diameter over bed up to 1000mm, workpiece length up to 4800mm and spindle bore diameter up to 104mm. YB series cover swing diameter over bed up to 1600mm, workpiece length up to 8000mm and spindle bore diameter up to 508mm.

CAK Series
YB (Optional Y-axis)

Slat bed lathes for sale

VIVA TURN series, YH series and AH series are slat bed lathes. VIVA TURN series cover swing diameter over bed up to 720mm, workpiece length up to 990mm and spindle bore diameter up to 104mm. YH series cover swing diameter over bed up to 800mm, workpiece length up to 4000mm and spindle bore diameter up to 114mm. AH series cover swing diameter over bed up to 950mm, workpiece length up to 3200mm and spindle bore diameter up to 306mm.

VIVA TURN (Optional C-axis)
YH (Optional C-axis)

Vertical lathes for sale

Vertical lathes are featured with taking advantage of gravity, 360°spindle support, smaller footprint, less clamping forces, easy part loading and unloading and more. They are suitable for irregular shape, large, thin, and heavy workpiece machining. However, the practical applications are far more below what vertical lathes should be. It is mainly because the misunderstanding and unaware of these advantages of vertical lathes. Vertical lathes must be more popular than horizontal lathes with consideration of above mentioned features, awareness of professionals, energy saving and rising rental price for brick and mortar machine shops.

YV (ATC+APC+C-axis+Y-axis)
VTL (ATC+APT+C-axis+Double RAM)

YV series, TY series, CY series, VTL series, VTS series, VTH series, VHL series and HV series are vertical lathes. All of them are from You Ji. You Ji is proud of being the largest vertical lathes manufacturer in Taiwan. YV series is their first series vertical lathe that was developed in 1991. Through the continuous the adoption of evolving technologies and improvement YV series is suitable for the broadest of applications. The chuck size is from 8 inch (YV200) to 1600mm (YV1600). The maximum turning diameter is from 250mm (YV200) to 1800mm (YV1600). The maximum turning height is from 200mm (YV200) to 1200mm (YV1600). The maximum loading weight is from 200kg (YV200) to 8000kg (YV1600). TY series vertical lathes are particularly designed for similar machining capacity to YV series but with smaller footprint. CY series vertical lathes are featured for equivalent machining capacity with smaller footprint and APC as well. VTL series vertical lathes are designed with symmetric column & base to achieve higher rigidity and stability. VTS series vertical lathes are designed with fixed cross-rail. They are suitable for medium weight and size workpieces machining that request high flow coolant flushing. VTH series vertical lathes are fitted with hydrostatic table bearing. They are suitable for extra heavy workpieces machining (up to 300 tons or more). VHL series vertical lathes are equipped with side head. They are suitable for the workpieces that request side milling, drilling and tapping process. HV series inverted spindle vertical lathes are designed to produce a wide variety of part groups in large, medium, and small batch production.

VTS (ATC+APT+C-axis+Double RAM)
VTH (ATC+C-axis+Double RAM)
VHL (ATC+C-axis)
HV 320
HV (Inverted Spindle)

Conventional lathes for sale

Our conventional lathes for sale are from SMTCL only. SMTCL originally is famous for their high rigidity high accuracy high efficiency high reliability conventional lathes. Their new design CW series horizontal conventional lathes cover swing diameter over bed up to 2000mm, turning length up to 15m and spindle bore diameter up to 515mm. It can meet the most applications in Australia.

Shenyang Conventional Lathe CW Series