Pratic CNC

PRATIC CNC Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer from China that specializes in CNC machining center and automatic machinery. Our products cover a wide range of CNC machining centers for an effective metal machining. Diverse materials from aluminum,steel, titanium,composites to plastics can be machined precisely, productively and economically on the milling machines from Pratic.

Cooperated with Japanese company Shizuoka Wintech-s Co., Ltd, we have set up an overseas subsidiary: Pratic (Japan) Co., Ltd for the purpose of strengthening our R&D development. We have 2 technical support offices in Indonesia and Malaysia to provide rapid and reliable service to our overseas customers. International customers in the aerospace and automotive industries, in mould and die making and in general metal machining industry trust in Pratic high-performance machining centers.

We specialize in providing customized solution to our customers. Thus no matter how different your non-standard requirements are, our experienced engineers will provide you with perfect solutions for your approval.