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With over 40 years experience, You Ji has obtained customers' support in design and quality of machine.

There are many machines to meet customers' different needs. Table diameter from Ø200 to Ø8000mm. You Ji is the first machine manufacturer to have passed CE and EMC and to have begun sales in the European market, and is the biggest vertical lathe and floor borer manufacturer in Taiwan. The cooperation between You Ji and other advanced machine manufacturers helps to upgrade the quality of You Ji products and provide customers the best and fastest service in the business.

  • 1978 Established at Bali township, Taipei, dedicated in manufacturing of single function machines, special purpose machines and boring machines.
  • 1981 Headquarters moved to a new location at Lu-Zhu, Kaohsiung. Expanded production capacity.
  • 1991 Developed medium-sized CNC vertical turning lathe YV series.
  • 1992 Developed CNC horizontal turning lathe YH series. Added plant II to production facility lineup To produce YV and YH series. Export department established.
  • 1993 Capital increased to US$1.7 million.
  • 1994 Established distributor networks in 20 countries.
  • 1995 Capital increased to US$3 million.
  • 1996 Obtained CE and EMC certifications.
  • 1997 Obtained CE and EMC certifications.
  • 1998 Developed CNC vertical machining center VMC series.
  • 1999 Developed CNC vertical turning lathe VTL series.
  • 2000 Developed CNC reverse type turning lathe YR series.
  • 2001 Developed the first multi-function vertical turning center in Taiwan.
  • 2002 Extended new manufacturing site in China (Kun-Shan). Established new offices in China’s regional cities to complete sales networks in China.
  • 2003 Developed twin spindle type vertical machining center VMC-1100-2S series.
  • 2004 ISO9001 accreditation. Developed CNC horizontal machining center HMC series.
  • 2005 Extended plant II, total acreage increased to 17,500m² (factory area).
  • 2006 Developed APC system for VTL series. Cooperated with a world-famous bearing manufacturer to develop multi-function heavy duty vertical turning center VTS series with double RAM. Achieved US$67 million in annual revenue.
  • 2007 Developed Taiwan’s largest heavy duty vertical turning center VTL-3000 and VTL-4000 series. Developed heavy duty flat-bed horizontal turning lathe YB series. You Ji China production facility completed and went into full operation.
  • 2008 Developed heavy-load vertical turning center VTH series with high-end hydrostatic supporting technology. Developed multi-tasking gantry type machining center GMC series. Achieved US$150 million in annual revenue.
  • 2009 Ranked #1 in the common wealth info Taiwan’s top 100 machine tools manufacturers, and #576 of Taiwan’s top 1000 enterprises. Developed Floor type horizontal boring and milling machine HFB series and double column 5-face machining center MCR series.
  • 2010 Developed the largest vertical turning center in Taiwan - VTH-8000.
  • 2011 Developed horizontal boring and milling machine HBM series.
  • 2012 Headquarters moved to new site at Lu-Zhu, Kaohsiung. Extended new machine assembly lines and machining lines.
  • 2013 Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC for extraordinary contribution in overseas markets.
  • 2014 Extended plant D1 & D3, total acreage increased to 66,000 m² (factory area).
  • 2015 Developed side-head type vertical turning center VHL series, and received awards from The 12th Awards Ceremony of the Taiwan Machine Tool Industry Awards for excellence in research and innovation in TIMTOS 2015.
  • 2017 VHL series received awards for Taiwan Excellence 2017.